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SINGLED OUT – Extended Play

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Exploring the theme of travel collecting, the brand new concept bistro, Den, has taken flight in early November 2014. Wind down with a cup of premium coffee amongst handpicked vintage decor in the busy hub of the city. A European style bistro by day, and a contemporary tapas and wine bar by night, Den situates in a quiet enclave which marks the beginning of a culinary journey.


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fFurious was formed in 1999; born from the desire to collaborate and grow with like-minds in creative design. It began with the simple belief that only with good people can there be good work. And only with good work can a collective such as fFurious thrive.

Today, fFurious is a multidisciplinary creative agency that produces a diversity of work which includes branding and identity, graphic design and illustration, interactive design, motion graphics and video making, interior and spatial design, and product design.

Although the fFurious today is larger (and certainly more spirited!) than the fFurious that first started, some things remain the same: the unwavering belief in good work, good company, and the idea that neither could exist without the other.


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Thunder Rock School

Thunder Rock School is formed by a nexus of Singapore's finest music educators. Hailing from local music acts such as Charlie Lim, Inch Chua, Caracal, Gentle Bones, ShiGGa*Shay, Esther Lowless, DEON, MONSTER CAT, 53A, The Good Life Project and many others; Thunder Rockers have worked for and alongside the world's top music acts. Aimed at inspiring the next generation of musicians to pursue their love for music, Thunder Rock School provides the best environment for students of any age to fulfill their musical dreams.

For more information, please visit www.thunderrockschool.com, or email info@thunderrockschool.com.

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www concepts

WWW Concepts Group is the management company with an expanding portfolio of multiple lifestyle and F&B concepts in Singapore and regionally across Asia.

The group is responsible for managing high level operational expertise in accounting, marketing and human resource functions.

We believe in building holistic experiences, creating lasting moments with the alchemy of quality food, beverage and entertainment.

Introducing ALTO Sound

Inspiring Sound
A new initiative by WWW Concepts, ALTO music platform curates the best of local and international entertainment with practising and professional artistes.

Discover WWW Concepts growing portfolio at wwwconcepts.com.sg


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tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto

tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto is the leading chain of art boutique caffès boasting an extensive collection of gourmet food and creative beverages. Our 28 art boutique caffès are unique with each possessing its own blend of characteristics and ambience.

Since 2004, tcc has hosted over 35 art exhibitions to the discerning attention of art enthusiasts. Our repertoire of renowned artists includes Ketna Patel, Sun Yu-li, B. Jane Cowie, Dominic Fondé, Jeremy Ramsey, Jean-Pierre Blanchard and Hans Mendler, establishing tcc as a reliable art gallery and further amplifying our brand as an ardent supporter of the arts.


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Since 1999, art-management.com has been dedicated to promoting and managing visual and performing artistes based in Singapore and overseas. This year marks an important milestone as they celebrate their 10 years of unique collaboration with tcc - in the creative conceptualization and execution of tcc's art exhibitions at Circular Road.

art-management.com leverages the talent and experience of the artistes to provide phenomenal elements to any event, and they are passionate about creating memorable and unique experiences.

The team seeks to maximize the possibilities of extending artistes' creations to all communities through unique and professionally curated events, management and dealings, hence enabling great talents to shine in the way they deserve to.


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We are a bunch of young misfits in the media industry who like spreading good news. And, not only do we say it right, we pronounce the words well just like how we believe good public relations should be. We like to have fun yet we are pretty serious about what we do. We are a group of happy people (we try) and we want to make people happy when it comes to reading about you too.


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